Sport is an integral aspect of youth development and with a view to ensure holistic development of the youth, the BYV scheme intends to organize sports competitions in all the panchayats and ULBs across the state. Sports can be used as an effective tool for development for improving people's lives and choices. Well designed and planned sports-based interventions could play a pivotal role in achieving the social developmental goals such as good health and well-being and gender equality. Sports also provide talented individuals a career opportunity which they will enjoy. It serves as a tool for engagement and is easily accepted among youth as it is participatory, enjoyable and engaging. Sports can teach the youth several important lessons in teamwork and can easily become a medium to impart life skills to empower individuals, enhance physical and psychological well-being with increase resilience and self-esteem. All these features are not only beneficial but extremely essential for healthy and holistic development of our youth. The state of Odisha recognises the potential of sports as a tool for development and has included sports as a key component of the BYV scheme.

The core objectives of sports interventions are going to be

  • Promote rural sports at the grassroots level and encourage mass participation of youth in sports competitions
  • Promote the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition
  • Inculcate the culture of exercise and a healthy lifestyle among youth
  • Provide districts with adequate resources for the development of sports facilities and helping the districts provide their sportspersons with the required sports equipment