Social Action

Social actions are one of the key factors to bring change. The small steps and consistent steps were taken towards addressing the societal issues by introducing new ideas, solutions and processes for making change sustainable and future better. Well planned social actions help young people develop social awareness, ownership, sense of belonging and strengthens the bonds of young people within their communities. Engagement of youth in the social action interventions naturally helps them to develop communication skills, organising campaigns, events, public speaking and broaden their world view and network which laterally prepares them for the world of work. In Biju Yuva Vahini, we are hoping for the constructive engagement of youth in the implementation of issue-based activities and enhance the spirit of volunteering such that the program is sustainable and youth will be continuing their efforts after the completion of the project Each BYV will undertake 12 social actions/campaigns in their Panchayat/ULB. Attempts should be made to undertake the social action campaigns on important local, state, national and international days to ensure wider reach maximum impact and participation of the community members. The campaign will be based on the following five thematic areas.

5 thematic areas of the project -